Hermanus Whale Festival

Can you hear it? The slow shrill echoing through the Overberg mountains. It’s the call of the Hermanus Whale Crier. The legend parades with his long black horn, between Walker Bay and Gearing’s Point, calling those near and far to witness the magic that’s about to take place. The colossal creatures of the deep have graced our waters once again. Every year, these massive mammals take on this extensive migration from the freezing waters of Antarctica to the warmer waters along the coasts of Southern Africa and South America. These areas serve as the breeding and mating grounds for the Southern rights, the Humpbacks, the shy Bryde’s whale and the Minke whale.

Hermanus Whale Festival


This year, the Hermanus Whale Festival marks its 26th year celebrating these fascinating creatures. Not only will you be granted unsurpassed whale watching opportunities but the festival will be completely packed with activities and entertainment for everyone. Being the only eco-marine festival in South Africa, the festival, this year, will have a strong focus on environmental and conservation steps for the future in order to preserve the lives of not only whales but all marine life. The eco-marine tent is hosting local and internationally acclaimed eco-tourism operators to interact and inform visitors about the various sustainability practices and projects aimed at protecting the creatures of the sea.

Whale Festival Hermanus


Even more exciting is the themed, interactive exhibitions aimed at the youth. The future of the earth and all those who inhabit it will one day be in the hands of the kids. That’s why by fostering a love and respect for marine life, the Hermanus Whale Festival is pulling out all the stops to guarantee the opportunity for future generations to witness these breath-taking creatures, in our waters.

This is why, we, at Shark Zone, are offering you the exhilarating experience to stare into the eyes of some of our coasts most colossal creatures with a combined Whale Watching Tour and Shark Cage Diving Experience. Come and see these fantastic beasts lobtail, spy-hop and breach the waters. It’s an experience not to be missed.

Hermanus Whale Festival 2017


For more information on all the excitement and activities of the festival, visit the Hermanus Festival Website, for festival programmes and more. And to find out more about our hair-raising offer, visit our website or contact us on, +27(82)894 4979 or by email, info@sharkzone.co.za.

Image Credits: Shark Zone, Flickr, handsupholidays, Shark Zone